Innovations in the concrete industry are continuously unfolding and it is the duty of all concrete manufacturers to keep abreast of developments in order to improve service levels and customer experience. In this article, we have compiled an overview of some of the most important innovations in the industry today.

concrete innovations

Stamped Concrete Technology – Stamped concrete is now a very useful tool in the concrete industry and has many advantages over other types of concrete products. Firstly, stamped concrete offers a level of uniformity and consistent appearance that regular concrete cannot offer and secondly, stamped concrete is ideal for large production runs where other products can fail or with more rigid applications where the surface conditions are less than ideal.

Overhead Blasting Technology – Overhead blasting technology is now a viable alternative to traditional methods used to make concrete, especially in the concrete manufacturing industry. Often, conventional methods are not suitable for producing high-quality concrete on an industrial scale because they can be easily damaged by overuse.

High-Performance Concrete – This innovation is made from a special type of concrete and is based on technology that requires a specially engineered surface to meet specific requirements. They are also resistant to water, salt, and fire and are environmentally friendly, which makes them ideal for application into concrete buildings and other types of concrete structures.

Weatherization – There are a number of other innovative concrete product improvements, but weatherization is one of the most significant. Nowadays, most concrete products require to be treated to keep moisture away from the surface which will prevent cracks and deformation and cause them to form at a much lower rate.

Beam and Slab Systems – This type of innovation provides a more uniform final product which can also increase the durability of the concrete being produced. The beam and slab systems are often combined with other innovations to provide the best possible overall quality in the concrete structure.

Insulation Technology – With the insulation technology in place, even the toughest concrete products can be more durable and easy to handle because of their increased resilience. The insulation can also make handling and production easier.

Manual Feeding System – Since so many types of conventional equipment are obsolete, many of the production systems required in the concrete industry are no longer needed, reducing the need for them. The new production systems are designed for compact environments where smaller machinery is more effective and efficient.

Casting and Tooling Machines – Many varieties of equipment are available for a concrete casting today, making it easier for producers to quickly turn out high-quality concrete products. With the use of this advanced equipment, production is greatly reduced.

Operating Principles and Controls – The tools used in the concrete industry today use a series of closed-circuit, automated systems that can be customized to meet any needs. They are controlled by a central computer that can be remotely operated through the internet.

Advanced Inspection System – A digital inspection system helps control the accuracy of the process and inspection of concrete products. The systems also save money by reducing downtime in production and are more accurate than the previous systems.

Any concrete manufacturer will tell you that the concrete industry is an ever-changing industry, constantly evolving to improve service levels and client satisfaction. A good industry overview will give a clear picture of the vast range of concrete innovations that are available to concrete manufacturers.